Sabeen Group is one of the leading companies in the region through the services and business investments for a variety of projects in different sectors around the world. Since the establishment of the group, we have been pursuing to be one of the 20 leading companies in the Arab world in 2025. This is the approach by the Sabeen team and the group's investors. We also launched the Sabeen Investment Company to be the investment portion for projects, which we hope to achieve the goals and make the desired change in economic development through this company.

Sabeen Investment is a rich environment for the growth of unique projects, and it always attempts to create a competitive spirit in economic diversification through innovation that keeps pace with recent and future developments. Through investment plans, we make the impossible possible with high-quality designs and implementation. We are also working on creating a new destination for entertainment and luxury in all projects, with our signature touch.

Khalid Al Nabhani
Sabeen Group


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